The material which assures market success


Better performance gives the competitive edge. For Therban®, high performance is standard. And that means wherever and however it is used. The outstanding property profile ensures excellent vulcanizate properties. Our specialists from research and development will help you to find the Therban® grade that will best meet your needs.


Achievable Therban vulcanizate properties

Hardness (Shore A)      
Hardness (Shore D)
                     up to 70
Tensile strength
Elongation at break


Modulus at 100% elongation (MPa)                     3-20
Modulus at 300% elongation (MPa)


"Resilience" (%)
RT                     30-55
70 °C                     55-65
Compression set (examples)
70 h/RT


70 h/150 °C                     20
70 h/200 °C                     25
70 °C                     55-65
Abrasion (measured according to DIN 53516)
RT (mm³ loss)                     30-80
150 °C (mm³ loss)                     50-80
Low-temperature properties
German T10 (°C)                    -31
Temperature retraction TR10 (°C)                    -33
Brittle Point (°C)                   <-70