Therban® Product Range

Partially saturated grades (suitable for peroxide and sulfur crosslinking)


100 °C

double bond
Standard packaging

Therban® 344634614.00.95
Bulk-Box with 20 bales of 25 kg each wrapped in polyethylene film or 25 kg bales individually packed in boxes

optimal combination of heat resistance, dynamic properties and processing
Therban® 346734685.50.95recomended standard grade for sulfur cure; excellent dynamic properties

Therban® 3496

345518.00.96optimal compromise between low-temperature compression set and oil swell resistance, especially suited for rolls and dynamic oil field components
Therban® 362736662.00.96special low RDB type, comparable to Therban® 3607 (peroxide cure recommended) to increase crosslink density for high modulus and/or low compression set applications
Therban® 362936872.00.96special low RDB type, similar to Therban® 3627 for higher filler load capacity (peroxide cure recommended) 
Therban® 3668 VP*36806.00.95high RDB, high Mooney grade similar to Therban® 3627 for higher filler and plasticizer load capacity
Therban® 436743615.50.98excellent resistance to oils; should be used instead of Therban® 4307 in case improved dynamic and bonding properties are required
Therban® 436943975.50.98similar to Therban® 4307 with capacity for higher filler loads
Therban® 4498 VP*44789.00.98High ACN and high RDB grade, primarily designed for dynamic application requiring excellent resistance to heat and non-polar hydrocarbon fluids

unmassed (DIN 53523; ASTM D 1646)
(2) see Therban® AT for maximum flow
*   Trial product (VP=Versuchsprodukt)